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My Weigh Triton XL Pocket Scales Series

Triton XL Pocket Scales

The My Weigh Triton XL Pocket Scales are a brand new, low priced portable scales that are big on specification, accurate to 0.1gram, offering full tare & zero tracking with digital auto calibration (weights not included). Rugged removable ABS hard cover with non slip ribs for easy handling, the cover also doubles as a large expansion tray. The new XL series also packs a hold function, and an extra large platform to weigh on.

The platform is more than twice as large as the Triton T2 pocket scale, and the platform is also easy-clean, stainless steel. With a huge 1000g capacity and 3-stage calibration, making this scale hard to beat.

Technical Data

Capacity: 1000g
Accuracy: 0.1g
Weighing units: g, gn, lb:oz, 1/4oz, 1/8oz, ct, dwt
Display: Red, backlit LCD

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Triton XL Series Pocket Scales