Talking Bathroom Scales – My Weigh XL700

My Weigh XL700 Talking Bathroom Scales

The latest addition to the XL range – the XL700, our latest heavyweight talking bathroom scales! With a brand new design and improvements, and new features;

My Weigh XL700 Talking Bathroom Scales

Now weighs in 3 modes!

Due to popular demand, the XL700 now weighs in stones/pounds, as well as in pounds and kilos – making this scale perfect for UK users!

The XL-700 will stay powered on as long as you need. Once it senses you’re stable, it will capture your weight reading, display it for you, and say it aloud. If you’d rather not have your weights announced, the talking feature can be turned off and your weight will still be displayed on the reverse lit LCD display.

It’s HUGE!

The XL700 has a massive platform size of 19″ x 11.75″ – a whole 4.5″ inches wider than the XL550!

Multi-lingual options:

The XL-700 speaks in four languages.This high capacity talking bathroom scale comes ready to weigh in English, but you can program it to read your weights in German, French or Spanish if you need to. It’s easy to change, too. Just press the “UNIT” button on the bottom of the scale for seven seconds, then press “UNIT” until you get to the language you want. After you’ve found your language, just press and hold the “UNIT” key until the scale says goodbye. Your language selection will be saved until you change it, or take the batteries out.

When you’re ready to weigh just give the activation button a tap with your foot. It will turn on, say “hello” and let you know when it’s ready to weigh.


  • Durable rugged design can withstand extreme pressure and weight!
  • Talking features – speaks in 4 different languages (English, French, German, Spanish) and (talking feature) can be turned on and off at your pleasure
  • Convenient large activation button on the front of the platform allows easy use – simply tap the button with your toe and step on!
  • Comfortable non-slip surface for extra safety

To purchase, view this product on our website – My Weigh XL700