OHaus CSE Portable Balance

OHaus CSE Portable Balance

The Ohaus CSE Series packs powerful features into a convenient, low cost, portable package that makes weighing easy. These rugged, dependable yet cheap OHaus scales are perfect for a wide range of uses. From the classroom, lab and factory to the office and home.

CS2000E Cheap OHaus Scales

The best cheap ohaus scales on the market

The CSE Series offers Newton weighing units as standard on the balances to illustrate to students the relationship between mass and gravity. Radio frequency protection allows the CS to deliver stable results, even when used in areas in which radio waves may be emitted. The CSE is battery operated and automatically shuts off after a certain period of non-use to preserve battery life. The new Ohaus CSE Series weighs in grams, ounces and Newtons, making it the perfect solution for a variety of bench bench weighing applications


Precision Balance by Brecknell – MBS

Brecknell MBS Economic Precision Balance

Brecknell MBS Precision Counting Scales

This alternative to premium priced analytical balances is ideal for general laboratory, industrial and educational applications requiring multiple weighing units. With its fine feature set and simple functionality, the Brecknell MBS precision balance is the sensible response to almost any application, in any market sectors requiring an accurate precision weighing solution.

Brecknell MBS Precision Balance

The MBS series balances offer a quality balance at an affordable price. All models come standard with robust plastic housing batteries and bi-directional RS-232 interface allowing communication to a PC

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