Paint Mixing Scales – Which Should I Choose?

Paint Mixing Scales

Mixing colours for refinish applications requires the utmost precision. Our paint mixing scales offer high accuracy and fast stabilisation times to make any mixing job quick and easy to complete.

Our Recommendations

Jennings JT-2 350 Tabletop Scale

JT2 350 Tabletop Paint Mixing Scales







The JScale JT-2 is a fantastic scale, packed with useful features. The JT-2 can be used as a jewellery scale, or for postal weighing, and dietary weighing, and it is perfect for school science or technology classes as it is accurate, and thanks to the snap on cover, it is stackable for easy storage. It features oversize buttons and an extra large backlit LCD screen for ease of use.

Capacity: 350g
Accuracy: 0.01g


My Weigh iBalance i1200

iBalance 1200 by MyWeigh

The iBalance i1200 is a professional compact scale with a back-light and extra large LCD screen. The back-light makes it easy to read from a distance. Each scale now comes with a large Stainless Steel tray, parts counting features and 6 x AA batteries.

Capacity: 1200g
Accuracy: 0.1g


My Weigh iBalance 201 Lab Scale

iBalance 201 Lab Scales

The My Weigh iBalance 201 Lab Scale is a great choice as a paint mixing scale. It reads 200 grams in 0.01 gram increments and comes complete with a F2 Calibration weight and AC Adaptor. The extra-large back-lit LCD makes for easy reading. The base of the scale has height adjustable rubber feet, these are used in combination with the included level bubble so you can set the scale at a perfectly flat angle (for optimum accuracy).

Capacity: 200g
Accuracy: 0.01g