My Weigh VOX 3000 TS

My Weigh VOX 3000 Talking Kitchen Scale

My Weigh VOX 3000 Talking Kitchen Scale

The Vox 3000 TS is a talking kitchen scale that makes weighing extremely easy. As you are using the scale it announces the weight. This makes using the scale a breeze – you don’t have to look down at the display to know what the weight of the item is. It uses strain gauge technology to be incredibly accurate and precise.

The talking feature can be turned on or off (for those times you may not want to hear it). This scale is perfect for anyone with poor eyesight, or for those mornings when your eyes are a bit fuzzy

Technical Data

  • Capacity: 3000g / 6lb 10z
  • Accuracy: 1g / 0.5oz
  • Weighing units: g, oz
  • Display: LCD

To purchase this scale, visit our website – My Weigh VOX 3000