Healthcare Scales – A Brief Overview

Healthcare Scales

At The Digital Scales Company, we have a huge selection of healthcare scales under our medical section. From simple home weighing to legally approved applications, we’re bound to have exactly what you’re looking for.

Kern MBB Class III Trade Approved Baby Scales
Kern MBB Class III Baby and Toddler Scales

There are different types of digital healthcare scales (also referred to as medical scales, or health and fitness scales), and it’s not always simple for first-timers to know what to look for. This article will help you decide which healthcare scales are best for you.

Kern MCB Class III Wheelchair Scales
Kern MCB Class III Wheelchair Scales

So What Do I Look For?

  • If you expect to transport the medical scale between locations, built-in caster wheels are essential to ensure easy portability. A lot of our scales also have a rechargeable battery option, allowing greater portability. Consider this if you are a personal trainer that visits clients at their home gyms. This would also be suitable if you travel between gyms, and are required to provide your own equipment.
  • For healthcare professionals and personal trainers, a scale that can automatically calculate the person’s BMI (Body Mass Index) for you can be an essential time-saver! Some medical scales allow you to manually enter the user’s height, and their BMI will be displayed based on the calculated weight.
  • Medical scales for babies and toddlers should include a comfortable cradle that allows the baby to be weighed safely and securely without the need for any external support. In the case of weighing small toddlers, a non-slip rubber mat on the platform can prevent mishaps when stepping on and off the scales.
  • Dynamic weighing (or “HOLD” function) is useful for when complete focus is required on the patient, and can be used to retain weight values while the user safely gets off the scale.
  • If you have regular clients/patients, some of our scales allow the user to collect and store results through an internal memory system.
My Weigh Galileo 2 Healthcare Scales
My Weigh Galileo 2 Body Fat Scales

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