Trodat Printy Self-Inking Stamps

Trodat Printy Self-Inking Rubber Stamps

At Stamp Designer, we have a full range of Trodat self-inking stamps available in a variety of shapes and sizes. These are one of the most popular self-inking stamps on the market. Available in a range of ink colours, they are able to produce thousands of impressions before replacement ink pads are required. Your custom made stamp design is included in the price. The new Trodat Printy line stamps are designed to integrate all the advantages of a self-inking stamp with a modern outstanding design. We have the ability to print your favourite photographs, pictures, company logos, text etc and all in full colour!

On Stamp Designer we stock both the Printy and Professional range. The Professional range has a metal structure and plastic finish which make it more durable than the Printy range.

The Trodat range can be incorporated with specialist inks which make these stamps suitable for almost every use.


804 UV Inks

804 UV ink is specifically designed for stamping onto hands for nightclub re-admission. The UV ink is skin friendly making it ideal for colleges, student unions, nightclubs, the entertainment industry and special events. The stamped image is invisible to the naked eye, but highly visible under UV light.


802 Quick Drying Inks

802 Quick Drying ink is perfect for using with dry pads when stamping onto non-porous surfaces. This ink is commonly used to stamp onto glossy leaflets or loyalty cards but is also ideal for use on many other surfaces such as plastic, leather etc. We advise testing the ink on a sample piece to make sure the ink will dry.


805 Archival Inks

805 Archival permanent ink suitable for use with traditional stamp pads and self inking stamps when used with a dry pad. This specialist ink is ideal for archives, libraries or stamping old documents. Accredited according to DIN ISO 11798.