Rubber Stamps Direct to you

Designing Perfect Rubber Stamps Direct to your Office Made Easy

In this blog post, we are exploding the myth that designing your own rubber stamps direct to your office is difficult. Here we set out to show how easy it is by just following a few simple rules.


To design a rubber stamp you need to be a graphic artist


Designing a rubber stamp can be easy by following some simple rules that once you know them you will wonder what all the fuss was about

Rules that Make Designing Rubber Stamps Direct Simple

Rule 1:

Using our unique online rubber stamp designer creating the perfect stamp is very easy. Firstly, you need to decide what information you want to appear on the stamp e.g. company name and address. Then what size of stamp you need to fit everything required on it. Many people make the mistake of selecting stamps that are too small for the information they are trying to convey. However, this can be overcome using new technology which allows for smaller font sizes which cannot be produced using traditional and self-inking rubber stamps.

Thus write down a plan of your stamp before you commence the design process.

Rule 2:

When customising your stamp on a computer or mobile phone the canvas area is enlarged to enable you to see what you are doing as clearly as possible, because of this people are tempted to try and cram large amounts of text onto very small stamps. Also, font styles can make a big difference when designing your stamp. As you can see from the image below some font styles are longer than others as the font sizes represent the height of the font and bears no relation to the length of the character. Thus, Times Roman is shorter than Arial and whilst both these fonts can be used on a stamp and get the same number of lines, in reality the Arial font characters are longer and therefore may have problems on addresses with long lines of text for a given font size. Click on image below to see an expanded view.

Stamp and Font Size Guide
Demonstration of how font selection is important when creating a stamp

In the image we have used four square stamp sizes to show how different fonts and sizes can be used, however please note that the 4pt font size can only be used on pre-inked stamps.

Here at Stamp Designer we offer the largest range of stamp technologies to enable you to not only create a stamp but create an impression of your company that goes beyond a rubber stamp. We offer traditional and self-inking stamps and also pre-inked rubber stamps which can produce images in grey-scale good enough to reproduce a photograph. Therefore if you would like a logo or image on your stamp do not use a self-inking or traditional stamp.

Original image

Rubber Stamps Direct

How the image would look on a pre-inked stamp with blue ink

Rubber Stamps Direct

Same using red ink

Rubber Stamps Direct

Same using black ink

Rubber Stamps Direct

Same image would need to be flattened to create a monochrome image when used in a traditional or self-inking stamp, this loses any subtle shading but with some logos this may be acceptable. However, some lose the essence of the logo.

Rubber Stamps Direct

Click the link to access a good starting point to design your custom rubber stamps direct.


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