How To Design a Custom Rubber Stamp Using Our Online Tool

Custom Rubber Stamp

Our new custom rubber stamp designer is simple to use

You can design a custom rubber stamp  in several different ways

stamp designer
Design your stamp online

Design your stamp by size

This method means you select the size first.

Step 1  Choose rubberstamp by size from the menu
Step 2  Square, Rectangle, Round and small medium or Large
Step 3  Click on the type and size e.g. Pre-Ink, Self-Ink, Traditional
Step 4  Select Ink Colour
Step4  Click Customise Button to start designing

Select your stamp by Manufacturer

If you have a brand preference this method will simplify your section
Step 1 Choose your brand from the menu
Step 2 Select the size
Step 3 Select ink colour
Step 4 Click Customise

Select by type of Rubber Stamp

Many companies require a specialist rubber stamp which incorporates a company logo. We at Stampdesigner have several technologies to supply you with the perfect solution for your needs.


Pre-Inked Stamps are perfect for logos.They can produce pin sharp images with Brother Pre-inked  are able to create a an image with grey scale logos (grey scale means a range of tonal difference such as in a photograph)

Text only Rubber Stamps

All types and makes of stamp are suitable for Text e.g. addresses etc., Pre-inked is the most popular stamp choice for text. Pre-inked have a small pad which holds ink which rest on the stamp face when not in use, when the stamp is pressed the mechanism moves the pad and allows the stamp to lower and make an impression on the surface of the document or other material.

Signature Rubber Stamp

For people who need to sign many documents in the workplace a signature stamps are a low cost solution. Pre-Inked Rubber Stamps are by far the best solution due to the 300dpi imagery. These create perfect signatures every time.

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